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Set in a parallel universe of the future, Cyborganics tells the musical tale of an Earth where cybernetics and organic life have coalesced in necessity for survival. After centuries of dependence on fossil fuels deteriorated the environment and atmosphere, extended life became impossible for nearly all organisms without the aid of bionic technology.

A geometric bio-dome was constructed over all the major landmasses to provide safety from the sun's deadly radiation. It was equipped with giant air filters and exhaust pipes to cleanse the polluted air, and help revive the desecrated ecosystems. The genomes of all the organic life were riddled with hereditary cancers and deadly deficiencies, so scientists conducted myriad experiments integrating cybernetics into the immune and regenerative systems of these organisms - even the DNA - to ensure their future well being. The results were appalling.

While proving beneficial on the whole, humans were now dependent on the nano-technology for fighting disease and required various robotic implants to manage such tasks. Life was elongated and many superhuman abilities were acquired. But at what cost? Newborns were immediately incubated in tubes of cyber-genetic fluid through a web of wires which allowed for the infusion of the robotics with their organic tissue. Nearly all purely organic life disappeared, and few humans remained free of the technology . In the wake of the technological evolution, two parties developed; the supporters of the cyborganics deemed the Futurists, and the naturalists appropriately named the Purists.

The Purists believed they should let nature take it's course and fix the damage the humans had caused in it's own way, even if that meant the dwindling of the population from disease and other afflictions. On the contrary, the Futurists believed that the unification of cybernetics and organics was in fact a natural evolution. After all, the universe had created the necessary elements to achieve such a unity in the first place. In their minds, using materials birthed from the stars to further our evolution was as natural as any other earthly process. The division between the two became larger year by year and many of the Purists were forced to hide in underground encampments to avoid imprisonment, as laws requiring the cyborganic implants from birth had been implemented by the ruling Futurists.

Many other species experienced rapid evolution through the technological amalgamations, eventually resulting in self-awareness. They became known as the Cyborganists. Before long, the newly conscious creatures researched their history and discovered the inhumanity with which they were treated by the Futurists for so many generations. This caused massive rifts in the relationship between humans and the cyborganic lifeforms. Civil wars broke out and tremendous casualties resulted on both sides. Humans became the medium for scientific study and experimentation at the hands, and claws, of what had once been their own test subjects. The Futurists had developed devices known as mind splinters used to control the creatures, and now found themselves victim to the same fate. This gave the resistance valuable insight and access to the agenda of the Futurist movement.

There are three super species of the Cyborganists that command the ranks of the resistance. The Yheti are savage, ferocious primates, and the first to attain conscious independence. Becoming both warriors and scientists of their own accord, they helped to awaken the other cyborganisms and spark the first wave of revolt. The Diggers, a giant species of cyborg cicadas developed by the humans to bore miles of subterranean tunnels for radiation shelters and storage facilities, were the next to become self-aware. They reclaimed the fruit of their labor in the name of the Cyborganists, providing a key strategical element to the revolt. Their tunnels and caverns allowed safe travel and storage of supplies. They also offered allegiance to the Purists who had refused to be a part of the Futurist agenda - perhaps their most important ally. The third race, and perhaps most powerful of the three, was the Vegasi. The first Vegasus was modeled after the mythical Pegasus, but given human characteristics and propulsion wings with anti-gravity technology that allowed for intergalactic travel. Purposed for war and spying, their skills in combat and telepathy are flawless - proving to be one of the most formidable oppositions to the Futurists. The combined knowledge of the three super species granted the Cyborganists and Purists the opportunity to live a somewhat independent lifestyle compared to the oppressed generations of the past.

Amidst the chaos of the times, the Earth's inhabitants as a whole couldn't help but wonder how it all would end. Would life ever return to peace and the Earth to it's former beauty? Many of the Purists were scholars of ancient mythology and searched long and deep in the texts of old to try and find predictions of the end of the world and it's potential for a peaceful rebirth. Through their research, they learned of an ancient spirit that had supposedly created the Earth and all life - intelligent or otherwise. The tribe from which the myth originated had called the spirit Ticci Viracocha. They described a race whose minds would 'awaken from the darkness' and call upon the spirit to return through a 'ritual of the sun,' and the world would be mended. It required a rhythmic series of complex audio frequencies that, when executed in the correct order in conjunction with synchronized body movements of the chosen race, would open a portal to the center of the sun - the abode of the spirit - and enable it's return to Earth.

You're invited to join the ride and discover what will become of our cousins in the universe next door. Safe travels and happy listening!!


released July 29, 2013

All songs composed and produced by Aaron Bjerke, with the exception of Cyberdildonics and Vegasus which were co-written and produced with Danny Litin.
Special vocal appearances from Kerri Joy Javorka on Vegasus and Ticci Viracocha.
Artwork by Coryn LaNasa



all rights reserved


Loom In Essence Minneapolis, Minnesota

Loom In Essence makes music for body gyration and thought stimulation, while offering a fresh and unique sound to electronic music. With captivating arrangements, memorable melodies, bass lines that make you bounce, interstellar sounds, and razor sharp productions, there's something for music lovers of all genres.

Board the mothership and join the journey through multiverses of SciFi Bass Music.
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